Voi che sapete – Marriage of Figaro

This aria is sung by the character Cherubino, a young and amorous page boy caught in the throes of adolescence. In “Voi che sapete,” Cherubino seeks advice from the women around him, expressing his confusion and overwhelming emotions regarding love. Mozart’s brilliant musical portrayal of Cherubino’s youthful innocence and boundless passion is nothing short of sublime.

Our soloist, Pavlina Ivanova, had no time to change into trousers for the part!

Right from its opening notes, “Voi che sapete” draws listeners in with its delicate and playful melody, perfectly mirroring the youthful spirit of its protagonist. As the aria progresses, the music gracefully transitions into a more spirited and vivacious tempo, reflecting the intensity and fervor of Cherubino’s feelings. Mozart’s remarkable ability to weave together melody, harmony, and orchestration creates an intimate and emotionally charged atmosphere that resonates deeply with the audience.

The aria delves into the turbulence of young love, a subject that remains as relevant today as it was in Mozart’s time. It reminds us of the powerful and often perplexing nature of love and how it can deeply affect the human heart, regardless of the era.

Throughout the centuries, “Voi che sapete” has remained a staple in the repertoire of opera houses and concert halls alike. Its popularity endures not only due to Mozart’s undeniable genius but also because of its relatable themes and emotionally evocative qualities. Whether performed on a grand operatic stage or in a more intimate setting, this aria never fails to leave a lasting impression on its listeners.