Songs of Love and War

Our programme of songs ‘In Love and War’ took place on Saturday 28 October at 7.00pm in St Leonard’s Church Hall, Marshall Place, Perth. The ensemble comprised David Thomson, Kenneth Maciver, Pavlina Ivanova and Alan Laing, and with Edna Auld at the piano.

Celebrating Perform in Perth’s 100th Festival year

The Jambouree Singers joined other choirs and instrumental groups for a week-long celebration of the Perthshire Music Competition Festival’s 100th event in St Matthew’s Church, Perth. Set amidst an Exhibition honouring the Festival’s founders, Jambouree were the finale in what had been a breathing taking showcase of local musical talent. No less than five members of Jambouree had a special … Read More

Try to Remember

‘Try to Remember,’”‘ is a timeless classic performed here by the talented Perth’s Jambouree Cabaret Singers. This song, written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt for the beloved musical “The Fantasticks,” has stood the test of time and continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. “Try to Remember” is a poignant and nostalgic ballad that transports listeners to a … Read More

Shannon & Iona – I would that my love

Felix Mendelssohn, one of the most celebrated composers of the Romantic era, was not only a master of symphonic and choral music but also a prolific composer of art songs. His lieder, or art songs, reveal a deep sensitivity to poetic texts, and “I Would That My Love” (original German title: “Ich wollt’ meine Lieb’ ergösse sich”) is a shining … Read More

Pavlina Ivanova – Me voglia fa’ ‘na casa

Pavlina Ivanova’s performance of Donizetti’s “Me voglia fa’na casa” at the Jamboree Cabaret Choir concert on Sunday, 11th June 2023, was nothing short of mesmerizing. From the moment she took the stage, her commanding presence and powerful voice captured the hearts of the audience. “Me voglia fa’ ‘na casa” is a passionate Italian ballad that demands both technical prowess and … Read More

Voi che sapete – Marriage of Figaro

This aria is sung by the character Cherubino, a young and amorous page boy caught in the throes of adolescence. In “Voi che sapete,” Cherubino seeks advice from the women around him, expressing his confusion and overwhelming emotions regarding love. Mozart’s brilliant musical portrayal of Cherubino’s youthful innocence and boundless passion is nothing short of sublime. Our soloist, Pavlina Ivanova, … Read More

The Holy City

“The Holy City,” composed by Michael Maybrick (also known by his stage name Stephen Adams), is a sacred song that holds a significant place in the repertoire of Victorian hymns and religious music. Originally published in 1892, the piece quickly gained popularity and has since become a cherished classic performed in churches, concerts, and recitals worldwide. The composition of “The … Read More