Pueri Concinite – Teenah Bee

Lyrics in Latin

Pueri concinite, nato regi psallite!
Voce pia dicite: “apparuit quem genuit Maria!”
Sunt impleta quem predixit Gabriel.
Eja ! Eja ! Virgo Deum genuit quem divina voluit clementia.
Hodie apparuit apparuit in Israel.
Ex Maria virgine natus est Rex.

English Translation

Sing, children! Sing with the harp in a gentle voice of the King’s Birth.
He has appeared who was born of Mary.
All those things foretold by Gabriel and now fulfilled. 
Rejoice! Rejoice!
The maiden has borne God, who wills us His divine mercy. 
He appears this day in Israel, born of the Virgin Mary; the King is born.