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Edna Auld - Director

Edna Auld – Director

Edna Auld formed the Jambouree Choir in 2005 with 18 boys and girls of primary age. Their first engagement was to sing ‘Highland Cathedral’ at the opening of Perth Concert Hall in the presence of H. M. Queen Elizabeth.
Nowadays our regular concerts are recorded and viewed worldwide, and a number of singers have gone on to professional careers in singing and the arts. However the choir is about much more than high quality singing. It also aims to develop self-confidence in young singers, and provide opportunities for them to perform in concerts alongside experienced singers. Over the past few years the choir has been delighted to welcome members from a variety of nationalities.
It is an important principle of Jambouree that there are no auditions to join. It is a choir welcoming anyone from the community who just enjoys singing. There are no charges, even for the individual lessons which can be arranged. But good attendance is expected, and anyone unable to attend rehearsals should put a message on Facebook. Those rehearsals take place every Thursday in St Leonard-in-the-Fields Church Hall from May to October, and The Threshold, St John’s Episcopal Church, from October to April. New members are welcome, at all ages.
For rehearsals the choir divide into the Cabaret Singers and Junior Jambouree. The Cabaret Singers rehearse from 6.15 – 7.30 p.m. and the Juniors from 5 – 6 p.m. during Term time. Juniors are boys and girls from ages 7 to 12, and the Cabaret Singers are formed from anyone above those ages.
The Jambouree Choir are well established in the Fair City and are available for events in Perth and Kinross.
The staff:
  • Director – Edna Auld
  • Vocal Tutor and Music Library- Fiona Brownsmith
  • Production, costumes, choreography – Gwen Boswell
  • Recording and website – Andrew Mitchell
  • Treasurer- Fiona Brownsmith
  • Junior Jambouree support – Iskra Vasileva, Iona Melloy, Shannon McKinney
  • Concert compèring – Alan Laing
  • Catering for events – Iona Melloy, Shannon Mckinney

If you are interested in joining – or have a child you would like to enrol – please get in touch using the “Contact Us” page.