Back to making music

Looking forward to seeing you all, plus new singers on Thursday 2nd. As you know, our Jambouree Covid Risk Assessment has been approved by St. Leonard’s, complimenting their Covid Risk Assessment in line with Church of Scotland requirements. Health and Safety Officer is Gwen.

Everyone attending rehearsals each week will be signed in by a member of staff (Gillian) as this is required by the church in line with Track and Trace. Here are the main rules we require to abide by:

  1. Everyone needs to complete a Registration Form and these will be given to you on Thursday when you arrive.
  2. The confidential forms need to be completed and will be kept by Gillian.
  3. Junior Jambouree singers and parents/carers please wait at the James Street door on Thursday, and you will be met by Michelle and Pavlina. Parents /carers will be given Registration forms by Fiona and Gillian once inside the door.
  4. Children should then make their way into the Hall having sanitised hands.
  5. Face coverings should be worn but can be removed once inside the Hall (coverings not required by youngest children ( ie 4-7years)
  6. At 6pm children will be taken to the James Street door by a member of staff for going home.
  7. If there is an emergency and children need to be collected before the end of rehearsal, please ring the bell and a member of staff will come.8..Cabaret Singers will be given their Registration Forms, again from Fiona and Gillian, and if possible completed and given to Gillian on Thursday.
  8. Face coverings should be worn until Singers are seated. There is a supply of clear mouth and nose coverings available free.
  9. There will be 2 metre distancing between singers chairs and at least a metre between rows.
  10. Chairs will have been sanitised before you arrive and at the end please sanitise your chair before stacking it. Wipes are available for this.